The Ark, the Crane & the Turtle

Kagome kagome

The bird in the basket,

When, oh when will it come out

In the night of dawn,

The crane and turtle slipped

Who is behind you now?

The Ark, the Crane & the Turtle
Installation view | Light boxes on washi paper
KG+ Award _ Kyotographie
Junpu elementary school _ Kyoto 2017

Kagome Kagome (かごめかごめ) is a Japanese children`s game and the song associated with it is a subject of much interest because of its cryptic lyrics.

One interpretation is that the term “Kagome” refers to the Star of David and is connected to mount Tsurugi, the highest peak of Shikoku island in Japan, where some scholars believe that the Ark of Covenant is secretly hidden in a cave. According to this idea, after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, communities of ancient Israeli people relocated Far East.
These exiled tribes walking along the Silk Road, following the stars and crossing the sea, finally landed in central Japan 2.700 years ago.
The reliance on this theory, and the comparison between spiritual symbols and biblical stories, disclose striking similarities.

“The Ark, the Crane & the Turtle” opens up this legend throughout a visual journey, describing the imaginary footsteps of ancient people connecting their path with the light of the Universe.

Film stills from the short film:
The Ark, the Crane & the Turtle