Visionary Virtual _ Live stream experiences
Alan Pascuzzi atelier, Florence

Visionary Virtual _ Live stream experiences. Alan Pascuzzi atelier | Florence.

A deep dive into Italian culture.

Visionary Virtual is an engaging series of video & live stream experiences presenting celebrated craftsmen, artisans and chefs selected in Tuscany for Terra events.

This series, created and directed by Leo Pellegatta, aims to look beyond the obvious and take a deep dive into the unique culture of Italy.

Client: Terra Events

Starring: Alan Pascuzzi, Maestro Romanelli, Desinare

Directed: by Leo Pellegatta

DOP: Alessio Guarino

Editor: Leo Pellegatta

Film stills from Visionary Virtuals @ atelier Alan Pascuzzi – Florence

Film stills from Visionary Virtuals @ Desinare – Florence