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Author: Leonardo Pellegatta

  • Cinema Before Cinema

    About this project Cinema before Cinema is a project that aims to explore the dialogue between still and moving images along with improvised sound and music. The project started in Tokyo, and developed throughout several collaborations with improvise musicians. The inspiration of the performance comes from the desire to amplify the scientific and artistic impulse…


    https://www.pocko.com/leo-pellegatta/ The Ulysses series is a body of work based upon the novel of the same name by James Joyce.  The photographs go ceaselessly back and forth from James Joyce’s text to the places he still haunts, like Trieste, where the Irish author composed the first chapters of his masterwork and lived for several years. The Ulysses project expresses a sense of wandering, of interior research, following in the footsteps…

  • The BOX MAN

    The BOX MAN

    About this project The BOX MAN “ I personally feel that a box, far from being a dead end, is an entrance to another world. I don’t know to where, but an entrance to somewhere, some other world.” — Kobo Abe — The Box Man / Hako Otoko These few lines from “The Box Man”,…

  • Tropical Tree

    Tropical Tree

    About this project Tropical Tree is a multi-media project inspired by the 1960`s play Nettaiju by Yukio Mishima. In this play a tragic drama takes place amid the uncluttered minimalist setting of a Japanese garden, inside of which a mysterious tropical tree is rising outrageously. Drawing upon abstract dialogues and memories, Mishima creates a story…

  • Indefinite Path

    About this project Unveiled at Gallery ef in Tokyo in 2006, “Indefinite Path” speaks about a poetic journey and reflects an atlas of intimate landscapes between Japan and Europe.A delicate sensitive shade floats on the surface of the images, the state of things changes: the landscape, the memory and the color of things appear in…