Exhibited at Gallery ef in Tokyo in 2006, at Mc2 in Milan in 2010 and at Togonon gallery in San Francisco in 2011, “INDEFINITE PATH” speaks about a poetic journey and reflects the experience of being in motion through an atlas of intimate landscapes between Japan and Europe.

A delicate, sensitive shade, floats on the surface of these photographs, the state of things, change: the landscape, the memory and the color of things appear in a way, closer to feelings and entwined with the light and the moment of life.

Words following images, following colors, following places … and indefinite memories, indefinite paths. Everything is in motion, becoming.

My life and my daughter’s life are suspended between two worlds: east and west, personal and objective….

We all have our own vision of reality, and reality is transforming itself in every single moment.

A monograph by the same title: “Indefinite Path” with photographs by Leonardo Pellegatta and a short text by Japanese author Ishii Shinji was published with the collaboration of RouRou – Japan, in 250 copies + 10 limited edition with an original print