CIRCUS Exhibition at AESOP Ginza



CIRCO at GINZA-700x437px

As part of a focus on travel and philosophies of place, Aesop Ginza is pleased to host an exhibition works from a recent photo book by Leonardo Pellegatta.

l Circo has been years in the making, following the geographical and personal journeys of three Italian circus families whom Pellegatta followed from 1997 to 2009: Franchetti (Circus Barcellona), Casartelli (Medrand), and Togni (Darix Togni and American Circus). It is presented in two forms: a simple version, and a limited-edition photo box which includes an original fine art print and writings by avant garde Spanish writer Ramòn Gòmez de la Serna. Both versions include a short story by Ishii Shinji.

The exhibition begins on Saturday 13 July, 2013, and continues until Sunday 1 September.

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