The inspiration for Pink x Blue is connected to an ancient mythology. Our story starts with the image of a Japanese crested ibis (Nipponia nippon) that has a wonderful shade of pink in his feathers. The story begins with the bird flying in the blue sky. The Crested Ibis, in Egyptian mythology, is a sacred bird for the God of time [Thoth ]. The Egyptian God Thoth is also the creator of [The book of Death] and [The book of Breath] and has the power to connect different realms… In the world of Pink × Blue each color is independent but at the same time, a momentary beauty leads us to a different dimension where the divergence of things such as bright and dark, strong and weak is overcome.

Miya (music) | Leo Pellegatta (film & photography)
With special appearance of Rena Kodama (dance)

Experimental film: HD 15` min. 10“ sec. | DVD produced by BankART Studio NYC – Yokohama, Japan.