The Ark, the Crane & the Turtle Film-still 01 x Live-performance © 2017

Kagome kagome

The bird in the basket,

When, oh when will it come out

In the night of dawn,

The crane and turtle slipped

Who is behind you now?

Kagome is an ancient traditional Japanese song. What the lyrics express is shrouded in mystery.One interpretation is that the term «kagome» can be referred to its shape, the six- pointed star.Certain scholars have a theory that the six-pointed star closely relates to Mt.Tsurugi,the highest peak of Shikoku island in Japan, and believe the Ark of the Covenant may be hidden somewhere in the mountain. According to this idea, after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, ancient Israeli people relocated Far East and moving along the Silk Road, finally landed in central Japan 2.700 years ago. “The Ark, the Crane & the Turtle” opens up this legend throughout a visual and musical journey, describing the imaginary footsteps of ancient people connecting their path with the light of the Universe…

KYOTO EXHIBITION: 04/12 - 04/23  | 12:00-19:00

Closed: Monday, Tuesday

SOUND & VISION // 4/22 – LIVE PERFORMANCE: Open 18h:30 / Start 19h:30

Leo PELLEGATTA – film & photography /

Nicolas LAFERRERIE – composition & memory-box / Tokiko IHARA – shō & vocals /

Samuel ANDRE – field recording, spatialisation /

UMU・PRISM・O・LYRA – glass harp , lyre & vocals / TAIKI – acoustic guitar

Special guest: Chris MOSDELL – poetry & scenario /

Advance ticket ¥2,000 / On the day ¥2,500

For further info:

VENUE: JUNPU ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 609-1, Kakimoto-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto